Creating your first interactive video can be daunting. Follow these simple tips to make it easy as - 1 → 2 or 3?

Thinking about making an interactive video? It's not as hard as it may seem. The simplest videos have two choices with two different outcomes. From there, the sky's the limit. 

So, how do you get started?

Plan, plan, plan

It all starts with a good plan. Before you open the Adventr Editor, it helps to have sketched out the storyline with its possible choices and outcomes. Constructing a solid concept with well-thought content & choices will turn into a shot list, making your shoot & editing simple.

Even starting on pen and paper can be a great way to plan out the branches of your storyline:

We've created a handy printable template for planning out your video clips and possible choices:

Download Adventr Planner

Be creative

Adventr videos do not need to have narrative structures. Any sort of content where you’d like for the viewer to participate in the action is appropriate for Adventr: lessons, quizzes, sports content, stories - anything.

Here's a creative way to showcase fashion with an interactive game:

Think through the transitions

if you need to maintain continuity between a scene and, say, three different continuations its important that you plan for each to work. Make sure that the end of the first video and the start of the next 3 possible videos are continuous.

Choices should be interesting

Make your choices have relevance or moral consequence, i.e. don’t have viewers pick ‘left’ or ‘right’ - Pick ‘god’ vs. ‘country’. This increases the emotional connection.

Keep it simple

Try to limit choices to 3 or less per video. Too many choices are shown to cause decision paralysis & abandonment.

Give viewers ample time to make a choice

The videos that will be on screen during a choice need to be fairly long! If you plan on having buttons over live video you should take into account that you need at least 5 seconds or so for the buttons to be on-screen while the viewer makes their choice; make sure you plan and record appropriately for that. If you have characters or a person on-screen you may want to film them patiently waiting for the choice to be made.

Several of the choices in this video show an on-screen character waiting for your decision:

It's especially important to give enough time to choose a quiz answer like in this video:

Signpost your interactive elements

Don’t forget that interactive video is still new. Don’t assume viewers will know how to interact with it. You’ll want to err on the side of caution - making it crystal clear that the viewer is expected to engage and participate with the content. Buttons should be clear and obvious and you may consider adding audio or on-screen text that instructs viewers to make a choice.

In this video there's a start-button that helps the viewer learn about how they can interact:

One thing to avoid:

It's best to ensure there's plenty of space between your buttons and the bottom of the video. You don't want the player controls to overlap with your choices:

Be creative and have fun!!!