Want your Adventr embed to take up the full width of your webpage, whether on mobile or desktop? Then use our default "responsive" embed.

These days, most websites have "responsive" designs - meaning they expand or contract to fit any screen size, from a mobile phone to a widescreen desktop. Since old-style embed codes have the size baked in, Adventr provides a responsive embed code by default. 

Simply click Share or Publish/Update in the Adventr Editor, expand the Embed Settings section and copy the embed code. 

If you want to set your embed to a fixed size for a non-responsive website, you can change from Responsive to Fixed Size in the Embed Settings.

Note: to get a responsive embed code you need to use the Adventr editor's Share or Publish/Update control and copy the code from the Embed Settings section. The embed code available from within a shared player has a fixed size.